Phil Lynott Solo Tour - July 1982

Hi Peter,

I enjoyed very much looking at your website.  I have a small piece of information which you may find useful:

My band, at the time, was called the First Class Tickets and we were invited to support Phil Lynott on four dates of the solo tour in July 1982.  On 6th July 1982 we played support to Phil's band at St. Dominic's Hall in Glenties, Co Donegal and on 7th July 1982 we supported them at The Lilac Ballroom, Carndonagh, Co Donegal.  The gig scheduled for the 8th July was Maysfield Leisure Centre in Belfast but this gig was cancelled at the last minute and although no firm reason was provided by the tour manager (John Salter) the impression was that the cancellation was due to poor ticket sales.  This was disappointing for us since we were a Belfast band.  We also played as support act in Omagh (Knocknamore), Co Tyrone on the 9th July 1982.
The gigs were well attended and the band and crew were great to work with.  Phil himself was very pleasant and it was a great pleasure to watch him take considerable time sound-checking new songs playing a double-necked 6/12 string guitar. 

I realise this is very small beer in the scheme of things but I thought that you might appreciate the information for your website.

The First Class Tickets completed some Irish dates with Dr Feelgood the previous week (1st - 3rd July 1982) and joined the Phil Lynott tour before splitting up shortly afterwards.  Many of the guys are still involved with music.  The First Class Tickets line-up for these dates was:

Mark Timoney, vocals, harmonica
John Timoney, Guitar, vocals
Laurence Rickard, Guitar, vocals
Davy Watson, Bass, vocals
Patrick Timoney, Drums
Michael Hayes, Tenor Sax


Our roadie for these gigs was Neil 'Studs' Watson who went on to work for Phil on a full time basis in September, 1982 staying at his home opposite Kew gardens.

Kindest regards

Mark Timoney