Hello Peter,

Thank you for creating this wonderful website, and providing all this great information! 
 Thin Lizzy was one of the first concerts I had ever attended, at age 17.   I saw them here in St. Paul, Minnesota, on November 4, 1977. 
Your website inspired me to look for my ticket stub from that night.  After searching through attic boxes for two days, I finally found it!
   And to my surprise! it is the TOP HALF of the ticket already pictured on your website!  Yes, that was me in seat 39 and now you will have the complete ticket! 
  Please feel free to post the picture I have sent, maybe you could add it to the bottom half of the seat 39 ticket already on your website. 
  Thanks again, and keep up the great work! 
        Thin Lizzy was the best! 

I was very surprised to see the two matching ticket ends, 38 years after they were separated!  I am very glad your friend has collected and saved that ticket.
  In 1977, I was working my first job in an auto parts store, when I heard about Thin Lizzy coming to town. 
I wasn't really familiar with the band, but I liked their USA hit song "Boys are Back in Town".  I asked my friend to go, and we sent for the tickets. 
 Mine was #39, my friend was #40.  The concert was held in an old worn-out theater [ long gone] and was incredible! 
That night Thin Lizzy was amazing, the guitar work was unbelievable!  We went out the next day and bought their new album "Bad Reputation" 
 Today, I wish I had pictures from that night, but at the time I was only 17, and just happy to be there. 
But we did save our tickets! and we still have the great memories of that night! 

Sincerely, Bob R. -St. Paul, Minnesota - USA

Thanks to Bob R (SEAT 39)

Thanks to Stefan Björnshög (SEAT 39. Stefan must have found this peace on the floor after the gig)

Thanks to Stefan Björnshög (SEAT 2423)


Thanks to Tony Went

Thanks to Stefan Björnshög