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I've been trying to track this one down for a while for you. It's the first TV appearance by Thin Lizzy which I remember quite well as they played in my School, CUS on Leeson Street, Dublin, the following night (Saturday 31st Oct 1970). Brian Downey's cousin was in my class and had been talking about them quite a bit. Some of the seniors had a band and organised the gig as a school social. When we saw that the band playing at our school were to appear on TV the night before we were really impressed and a few of us thought of trying to crash the gig (we were all about 5-6 years too young to get in) and after this TV show we all rang each other and decided we would try and sneak in at the back of the school hall - a side entrance to which was beside our classrooms. About four of us tried it and lasted for about two numbers until we got thrown out, so we went down the back lane to listen to it there. We were all committed Lizzy supporters after that.
The Lizzy's were really good on the TV show, they did one number, and if you look at the bill - it was quite an impressive line-up for the time. Like Now was a type of Irish Top of the Pops with Showbands, local rock bands and visiting British groups who were touring the country.

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Incidentally regarding an appearance they made on RTE's Like Now show on Friday 30 October 1970. The song they performed on the Like Now programme was 'Look what the wind just blew In' - the single off their first album. Later that night they played the CUS hall in Leeson Street. They were still doing a lot of covers then and I distinctly remember them performing Hendrix's 'If Six was Nine' and The Beatles 'Get Back'.

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