Philip Lynott - The Philip Lynott album

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      Songtitle Composer Time
Philip Lynott
(vocals, bass, bass guitar syntesiser, tympani + cymbal, CR 76 computer drum machines, guitar, Sarahīs space gun, irish harp, keyboards, percussion)
  1 Fatalistic attitude Lynott 4.28
Scott Gorham 
(bass on track 8)
  2 The manīs a fool Lynott 2.53
Darren Wharton
(keyboards, drum machine)
  3 Old town Lynott, Bain 3.24
Midge Ure 
(guitar, keyboards, linn drum machine on track 6, 7)
  4 Cathleen Lynott 3.33
Mark Knopfler 
(lead guitar on track 9)
  5 Growing up Lynott 4.59
Brian Downey
(drums on track 9)
  6 Yellow pearl Ure, Lynott 2.56
Mark Nauseef
(drums, percussion, vocal intro on track 4, 5)
  7 Together Lynott 3.38
Jimmy Bain
(bass, backing vocals on track 2, 3)
  8 Little bit of water Lynott 3.33
Huey Lewis
(harmonica on track 4)
  9 Ode to liberty (The protest song) Bain, Lynott 5.49
Jerome Rimson
(bass on track 7, 10)
  10 Gino Lynott 4.08
Bobby C Benberg
(drums on track 8)
  11 Donīt talk about me baby Lynott 4.30
Rusty Egan
(drums on track 2, 3, 4)
Gordon Johnson
(intro voice on track 3)
Suzanne Machon
(intro voice on track 4)
Monica Lynott
(backing vocals on track 4, 5)
Mel Collins
(saxophone on track 5)
Pierre Moerlen
(drums on track 11)
Vertigo (6359 117)
Produced by: Philip Lynott, Kit Woolven (except Together by Midge Ure and Ode to Liberty mixed by Mark Knopfler and Niel Dorfman)          
Good Earth Studios, Soho, London
Compass Point Studios, Nassau
Odyssey Studios, London
Windmill Lane, Dublin
Recording dates:            
Release date: 8210