Thin Lizzy - The farmer / I need you 7" singles

"The Farmer" was recorded at Trend Studios, Baggott Street, Dublin.

The studio owner John D`Ardis had offered the band free studio time if they promised to record one of his songs, "I need you". It was one of Lynott´s own compositions, "The Farmer" which ended up as the A-side. Released on Parlophone label on July 31st 1970, The Farmer became Thin Lizzy´s very first record release, and folklore has it that of the 500 copies pressed, 283 were sold, with the rest being melted down and recycled. Thin Lizzy was spelled Thin Lizzie on the record.

Philip Lynott, Eric Bell, Brian Downey and Eric Wrixon

This is the "Holy Grail" for all Thin Lizzy fans

Thanks to Adriano De Ruscio

Front, Back, Label A-Side Description
P/S = Picture sleeve
Rc/S = Record company sleeve
Country Record Label Rec. Number
Push-out centre
Label says "Thin Lizzie"
Ireland Parlophone DIP.513
7XCEL 125
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