Thin Lizzy - Johnny the fox

Philip Lynott (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)   1 Johnny Lynott 4.26
Brian Downey (percussion, drums)   2 Rocky Lynott, Gorham, Downey 3.42
Brian Robertson (lead guitar, guitars)   3 Borderline Lynott, Robertson 4.35
Scott Gorham (lead guitar, guitars)   4 Donīt believe a word Lynott 2.18
Fiachra Trench (bass and string arr.)   5 Fools gold Lynott 3.51
Phil Collins (percussion)   6 Johnny the fox meets Jimmy the weed Lynott, Gorham, Downey 3.43
Kim Beacon (vocals)   7 Old flame Lynott 3.10
    8 Massacre Lynott, Gorham, Downey 3.01
John Alcock (producer)   9 Sweet Marie Lynott, Gorham 3.58
Will Reid Dick (engineer)   10 Boogie woogie dance Lynott 3.07
Neil Hornby (ass. engineer)          
Label: Vertigo (6360 138)          
At first Musiclands studios in Munich but they changed to Rampart studios, Battersea, London
Recording dates:            
Release date: 761016          

Thanks to Don Bolster