Thin Lizzy - Black rose

Philip Lynott (vocals, bass, 12 string guitar)   1 Do anything you want to Lynott 3.52
Brian Downey (percussion, drums)   2 Toughest street in town Lynott, Gorham, Moore 4.00
Scott Gorham (lead guitar, guitars, backing vocals)   3 S&M Lynott, Downey 4.05
Gary Moore (lead guitar, guitars, backing vocals)   4 Waiting for an alibi Lynott 3.30
Jimmy Bain (bass on song 8)   5 Sarah Lynott, Moore 3.32
Bluesy Hughie (harp on song 5, 8)   6 Got to give it up Lynott, Gorham 4.25
Judie Tzuke (arranging backing vocals with Philip on track 5)   7 Get out of here Lynott, Ure 3.35
    8 With love Lynott 4.39
Tony Visconti, Thin Lizzy (producer)   9 Roisin dubh (Black rose) 
A rock legend
Lynott, Moore 7.04
Tony Visconti, Philip Lynott (producer on song 8)          
Kit Woolven (engineer)          
Label: Vertigo (6360 169)          
Pathe Marconi EMI Studios Paris and
Good Earth Studios London
Recording dates: 7812-7902          
Release date: 790413          

  Thanks to Don Bolster