Thin Lizzy - Bad reputation

Philip Lynott (vocals, bass, string machine, harp)   1 Soldier of fortune Lynott 5.18
Brian Downey (percussion, drums)   2 Bad reputation Lynott, Gorham, Downey 3.09
Scott Gorham (lead guitar, guitars)   3 Opium trail Lynott, Gorham, Downey 3.58
Brian Robertson (lead guitar, voice box, keyboards)   4 South bound Lynott 4.27
Mary Hopkin-Visconti (backing vocals on song 9)   5 Dancing in the moonlight Lynott 3.26
John Helliwell (sax and clarinet)   6 Killer without a cause Lynott, Gorham 3.33
    7 Downtown sundown Lynott 4.08
Tony Visconti, Thin Lizzy (producer)   8 That woman´s gonna break your heart Lynott 3.25
Tony Visconti (engineer)   9 Dear lord Lynott, Gorham 4.26
Jon Bojic, Ken Morris, Ed Stone (ass. engineers)          
Label: Vertigo (9102 016)          
Studio: Toronto, Canada          
Recording dates:  May-June 77          
Release date: 770902          

Thanks to Don Bolster