My name is Peter Nielsen and I was born the same year that Thin Lizzy was formed.
When I was 7 years old I´ve started to listen to Kiss and when I was 10 years old I started to listen to Iron Maiden. The first time I heard about Lizzy was when one of my father´s friends came to a party with the album Black Rose. Me and my brother played the record and from that moment it never was the same. I´ve found the ultimate band and I was totally lost in their music forever. I bought all albums and Lizzy was the only band that I´ve listen to for a long time. Then my friends told me that I might check out other bands like Rainbow, Sabbath......
Well I like lots of bands but none as much as Lizzy.
Gary Moore played on Black Rose and I started to collect everything with Gary and I have continuing doing that. Remember when I first saw Gary live in Sweden back in 1987 at Wild Frontier tour. I can say that it was very emotional when he played Out in the fields and I think there was tears in my eyes. My thoughts was just with Phil who sadly passed away on 4th January 1986.
Did I ever seen Lizzy with Phil? Sadly no because I was too young according to my mother. I was 13 years old and the chance never came back.
When I turned 30 my friends and family bought me a ticket to Dublin. I´ve visited all the places that I´ve read about in the fantastic book The Rocker. Well most of them where sadly gone but I found a few. One night sitting in the hotelroom I checked the phonebook for Philomena Lynott and I found her. I was very nervous calling the mother of my biggest hero. She answered and I told her that I just loved the music that her son Philip did with Lizzy. She asked if I wanted to meet her while I was staying in Dublin. We decided that we should meet up in Sutton and then go visit Philip´s grave. Well I was in tears sitting besides Philip´s grave and also having the wonderful Philomena near me. Just too much feelings at the same time for a crazy Lizzyfan from Sweden. Philomena asked me if I would like to follow her to her house White Horses. I was in heaven :-)
She made me some tea and we talked for a very long time. In her house she has a room with lots of Phil´s personal stuff. Walking into that room was a moment that  I´ll never forget. It was Lizzyheaven for me. Later Graham Cohen drove me around Howth and showed me Glen Corr and the church in Howth. I just can´t thank Philomena and Graham enough for what they did for me on my first visit in Ireland.
When I got back to Sweden after this fantastic journey I decided that I wanted to do something special for Philip and Thin Lizzy. I´ve started to do a small website for the band with just the studioalbums and some info about the tracks on the albums. I really liked working on my website and I decided that I might include singles and after that it just got bigger and bigger. I added my website on internet back in year 2001 and after that I´ve got in contact with lots of other Lizzyfans around the world that wanted to help my with my project. My idea was to make a website for the fans made by the help of the fans. Thru the years I´ve been in contact with lots of Lizzyfans and this is what keep´s my working so hard almost everyday. Without response and help the website would not have been what it is today. I know that it´s crazy to spend so many hours with the computer but I feel that I have a responsibility for the fans that send me stuff. If they scan their old tickets or other stuff and send them to me I must put them on the website.
I´ve also been involved with lots of other stuff besides the website like books, documentaries, tourprogram and also albums.


November 2011
Fighting my way back
Thin Lizzy 69-76
Martin Popoff with Peter Nielsen on images
Power Chord Press (ISBN 978 0 9811057 5 8)

January 2011
Thin Lizzy European Tour Program 2011

May 2012
We will be strong
Thin Lizzy 76-81
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It´s Getting Dangerous Thin Lizzy 81-12
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November 2012
The Boys Are Back In Town
Harry Doherty and Scott Gorham
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November 2013
Still in love with you
Niall Stokes
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November 2013
Niall Stokes
Still in love with you Deluxe Limited Edition
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September 2019
Eric Bell Remembering The Autobiography before during and after Lizzy
Eric Bell
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2nd October 2020
Thin Lizzy - A Visual Biography
Martin Popoff with Peter Nielsen on images
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9th March 2009
Still dangerous, Live at Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977
Thin Lizzy Productions LTD TLPCD001 (UK) CD
VH1 Classic Records VH00132 (US) Vinyl

24th January 2011
Jailbreak Deluxe expanded edition CD
Universal 5332054 (UK)

24th January 2011
Johnny the fox Deluxe expanded edition CD
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24th January 2011
Live and dangerous Deluxe expanded edition CD+DVD
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26th June 2011
Bad reputation Expanded edition CD
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26th June 2011
Black rose Deluxe expanded edition CD
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26th June 2011
Chinatown Deluxe expanded edition CD
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7th November 2011
Thin Lizzy at the BBC 6 CD+1 DVD
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12th March 2012
Nightlife Deluxe expanded edition CD
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12th March 2012
Fighting Deluxe expanded edition CD
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12th March 2012
Live At The National Stadium Dublin DVD
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17th July 2012
Thin Lizzy (first album) Vinyl
Light in the attic Records LITA 086 (US) 180 gram vinyl.
Deluxe gatefold “Tip-On” jacket featuring both the original Decca and London album covers, poster

Wild Horses - First album Remastered & Reloaded
Rock Candy CANDY168

Wild Horses - Stand your ground Remastered & Reloaded
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21 Guns - Salute Remastered & Reloaded
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Gary Moore - Back on the streets Bonus tracks
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Renegade Expanded edition CD
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Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues
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Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation
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Thin Lizzy Nu Då Och För Evigt
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Gary Moore
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