Thanks to Hugo McGuinness

Advertised as Christmas Special

The Band:
Philip Lynott, Brian Downey, Scott Gorham, Gary Moore, Paul Cook, Steve Jones, Bob Geldof, Gerry Cott, Noel Bridgeman

Smiley Bolger was the DJ

Smiley Bolger confirmed to me at the weekend that he was DJ on the night at McGonagles [23rd Dec] and that both Bob Geldof and another Rat (he believes it was Gerry Cott the guitarist) joined the Greedies for a couple of numbers towards the end of the set.

There were no adds in Hot Press for the Stardust, although the add for McGonagles there does mention a "Surprise Christmas Party". In an interview with Brian Downey in Hot Press the following year, Nial Stokes (Editor) recalls the gig and states that it was the full Lizzy line-up with various Greedies at the HP party. I've been told that Noel Bridgeman played at the final Greedies gig, and this is kind of confirmed on Gary Moore's website.

Thanks to Hugo McGuinness and Smiley Bolger