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Peter..... greetings from the United States.

Thank you for creating It's a nice resource for history and I find myself checking it every so often to find more information about my favorite band.
I think I may be able to help you out with some missing information: specifically, you don't have a complete entry for Athens, OH in 1978.

I attended Ohio University in Athens but unfortunately it was much later... in the 1990's. While living there I had heard stories that Thin Lizzy played at the Convocation Center in 1978 but I never had any proof nor met anyone who actually attended.

Looking at your website recently for other information from 1978, I saw your note that the Athens' date was not known. Being curious, I started doing some internet research. While there wasn't any direct information about Thin Lizzy at first, I was able to cross reference from other sources to figure this out. The first was simple comment on a message board from a person who had really enjoyed seeing The Doobie Brothers and Thin Lizzy in 1978 at Athens. This led me to checking for a Doobie Bros. tour history. Thankfully somebody put one together and it notes that The Doobies played at the Ohio University Convocation Center in Athens on September 27, 1978.

Checking your website, I noticed that Lizzy supported The Doobies the previous night, September 26, in Saginaw, MI.  I wondered if Lizzy continued to be the support band the following night in Athens.

So, I was able to track down a 1979 yearbook from Ohio University that has been archived on the internet. Sure enough, there is a reference to both the Doobie Bros. and Thin Lizzy playing in Athens. You (like me) may not appreciate the comment in the article that Thin Lizzy was disappointing, but it's still a nice piece of evidence to prove the date of September 27 from the Doobies' tour website information.

I attached a .pdf of that page from the yearbook for your records. Unfortunately, there isn't any photo of Lizzy within the book.

Hope this helps out a little bit.

Kind regards,
Chris G

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