Thanks to Tony Went

Thanks to Phil Osborne

Thanks to John Shiels and Fran McCloskey

The most memorable time I saw Lizzy was at the Glasgow Apollo on June 17th 1978;
the mini-tour to warm up for the two Wembley gigs (thank god I was able to see them before all tours began and ended in huge halls).
The Apollo was absolutely jumping, the anticipation for Lizzy was electric;
Johnny Cougar was the support act and while he didn't get the abuse the
Radiators got (and earned) the year before, he was largely ignored.
With the opening notes of Jailbreak the flash-bombs went off and there was
Phil, centre stage, wearing a Scotland top!
When the crowd finally quietened after "Jailbreak", Phil touched his fist to
his chest and said one word:
The place erupted!!! .and never quite calmed down again.
The reason I remember this gig so well is that after each song, the band
could not start the next one because of the crowd singing 'Lizz-y'.
Phil was appealing for us to stop, faux bashfully at first, then really
humbly but the crowd would not let up
Lizzy literally could not start the next song throughout the whole gig due
to the crowd being so loud.

Phil Osborne