Taken from Irish Times 7th September 1970

Taken from Irish Times 15th September 1970

Friday: Billy Roche and friends, The Dirty Dozen, John Breem, Gay and Terry Woods, Thin Lizzy

Saturday: Deep Set, Wexford L.O.S Chorus, Dan Klein, Peter Alexander, Sacha Abrams

Sunday: Byrne Sisters and Danny Doyle, RTELO and Tara Telephone

Hi Peter,
 I'm sending you the Irish Times listing for The Festival of Living Music at Wexfords Theatre Royal. As you'll notice Lizzy headlined but with a different bill to what you have, although all the acts were schedualed to play just on different days. I'm including an article about the Festival which although it doesn't mention Lizzy, it gives some interesting background of just what they were trying to achieve back then. The festival was run as a lead into the now famous Wexford Opera Festival, and this piece appears in a colm normally devoted to Classical Music and Theatre. There was no real outlet for rock or pop in the mainstream media then. Both are from the Irish Times of Monday 7th September 1970

Thanks to Hugo McGuinness

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Thanks to Terry OŽNeill