Progressive Music Concert:
Grannies Intentions, Blueshouse, The Urge, Macbeth, Switch, Thin Lizzy, White Magic, 
The Few,
also with Crazy Cajun (with Paddy Lynch on guitar) and Jangle Dangle with Jimmy Faulkner and Pat Farrell on guitars
Thanks to Michael Grimes and Dave Gorman (The Urge)

Just a few things that may be of interest to you regarding the St Aidan's Concert.
There was some members of a very progressive Showband by the name of the "Chessman"
Who formed a group for the night with members of the "Vintage" from Belfast.
The great John L Sullivan, Gerry Anderson, Liam Halpin and George Morrow lead vocalist of "Vintage"
They covered "Jethro Tull "catalogue .

Ditch Cassidy's White Magic, his rendition of Neil Young's "Broken Arrow" was amazing.

The compare for the night was the one and only Pat Eagan who's page in the Spotlight Mag helped to keep the Irish group scene alive for many a year not forgetting the late Bill Radcliffe's contribution in the Evening Herald also.

Thanks for keeping it going.
Michael Grimes.

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