Jonathan Kelly - Wait till they change the backdrop

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Jonathan Kelly (vocal, acoustic guitar, piano)   1 Wait till they change the backdrop Kelly  
Gary Moore (guitar on track 2,4,7,8)   2 Turn your eye on me Kelly  
Tim Renwick (acoustic guitar, electric guitars, flutes, harmony vocal)   3 Godas Kelly  
Mark Griffiths (bass, acoustic guitar, harmonica)   4 Down on me Kelly  
Bruce Thomas (bass)   5 I wish I could Kelly  
Roy Babbington (string bass)   6 Chains Kelly  
Ray Duffey (drums)   7 All in new light Kelly  
Barry de Souza (drums)   8 Hold on Kelly  
Willie Wilson (drums)   9 Beautiful eyes Kelly  
Peter Wood (organ, piano, ARP syntheziser, tambourine, electric piano, acoustic piano, accordion, orchestral arrangement)          
John Barham (orchestral arrangement)          
Ken Scott (maracas)          
Lennox James (congas)          
Juanita Franklin (2nd vocals on track 9)          
Thunder thighs (backing vocals)          
Ken Scott (producer, engineer)          
Dennis MacKay (remix engineer)          
David Hodge (tape operator)          
Peter Kelsey (tape operator)          
Ian Beck (front cover)          
Label: RCA VICTOR (SF 8353)          
Trident studios, London
Recording dates:           
Release date: 73