Cozy Powell - Octopuss

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Cozy Powell (drums)   1 Up on the downs Galley, Powell 3.53
Gary Moore (guitar on track 5,6,7,8)   2 633 Squadron Goodwin 4.14
Mel Galley (guitar)   3 Octopuss Powell, Hodgkinson 5.53
Don Airey (keyboards)   4 The big country Moross, Neff, Lewis 3.00
Jon Lord (keyboards)   5 Formula one Galley, Powell 3.20
Colin Hodgkinson (bass, vocals)   6 Princetown Galley, Powell 4.38
John Du Prez and the Philarmonica   7 Dartmoore Moore 5.41
    8 The rattler Coverdale, Powell 3.00
Produced by:
Cozy Powell, Nick Griffiths
Executive producers:
Bruce Payne, John Makepeace
Label: Polydor (POLD 5093)          
Studio: Britannia Row Studios          
Recording dates: 8209-10          
Release date: 8302