Gary Moore - Live at monsters of rock

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      Songtitle Composer Time
Gary Moore (vocals, guitar)   1 Shapes of things Smith, Relf, McCarty 5.00
Cass Lewis (bass, backing vocals)   2 Wishing well Rodgers, Kirke, Kosoff 4.33
Darrin Mooney (drums)   3 Rectify Moore, Lewis, Mooney 5.09
    4 Guitar intro Moore 2.16
Produced by:Chris Tsangarides, Gary Moore   5 Stand up Moore, Lewis, Mooney 6.08
Mixed by:Chris Tsangarides, Gary Moore and assisted by Adrian Hull   6 Just canīt let you go Moore 9.22
Mastered by: Ian Cooper   7 Walking by myself Rodgers 4.52
    8 Donīt believe a word Lynott 7.15
Label: Sanctuary (SANCD215)   9 Out in the fields Moore 8.50
Recorded by: Sanctuary mobile   10 Parisienne walkways Moore, Lynott 9.22
Recording dates:
030522 Scottish Exhibition Conference Centre, Glasgow, Scotland
Release date: 030901