Mo Foster - Bel assis

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Mo Foster (Bass, keyboards)   1 The light in your eyes Foster 5.36
Simon Phillips (drums)   2 A walk in the country Foster 4.29
Gary Moore (guitars on tracks 1,6)   3 Gaia Foster 6.22
Stan Sulzman (soprano sax)   4 Crete revisited Foster 4.39
Ray Russell (guitars)   5 So far away Foster, Russell 3.42
Frank Ricotti (vibraphone)   6 Pump II Foster 6.02
Peter Van Hooke (electronic percussion)   7 Jaco Foster 6.06
Rod Argent (keyboards)   8 Bel assis Foster 3.42
    9 And then there were ten Foster, Russell 4.57
Produced by: Mo Foster   10 Analytical engine Foster 4.56
    11 Nomad (cassette and CD bonus)    
Label: MMC Records  (LPMMC 1013)          
Last chance recordings, London
The white house studio, Suffolk
The red house studio, Bedfordshire
Eastcote studio, London
Windmill Lane studios, Dublin
Recording dates: 8710-8801          
Release date: 8807