Greg Lake - Manoeuvres

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      Songtitle Composer Time
Greg Lake (vocals, guitar, bass)   1 Manoeuvres Lake, Moore 4.03
Gary Moore (guitars on track 1,2,3,4,5)   2 Too young to love Lake 4.05
Tommy Eyre (keyboards)   3 Paralysed Lake 3.57
Tristram Margetts (bass)   4 A woman like you Moore 4.33
Ted McKenna (drums)   5 I donīt wanna lose your love tonight Lake, Moore 3.54
    6 Itīs you, youīve gotta believe Lake 7.10
Produced by: Greg Lake and mixed by Dan Priest   7 Famous last words Bradford, Scott, Most 3.05
    8 Slave to love Lake 3.23
Label: Chrysalis (CHR 1392)   9 Haunted Lake, Margetts, Benyon 4.52
Magritte studios,
Air studios, London
  10 I donīt know why I still love you Lake 5.16
Recording dates:          
Release date: 8307