Granny´s Intentions - Honest injun

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Johnny Duhan (vocal)   1 Maybe Duhan  
Pete Cummins (bass, flute, whistles)   2 We both need to know Duhan  
John Ryan (piano, organ, harpischord)   3 Good eye Duhan  
John Hockedy (guitar, mandolin on track 1, 9, 10)   4 Fifty years on Ryan  
Gary Moore (guitar on track 2-8, 11)   5 Susan of the country Duhan  
Noel Bridgeman (drums on track 1, 9, 10)   6 Rise then fall Duhan  
Pat Nash (drums on track 2-8, 11)   7 With salty eyes / dirty lies Ryan  
Brass arrangements: Zak Lawrence   8 Fourthskin blues Duhan  
    9 Nutmeg, bitter-sweet Ryan  
Produced by: Wayne Bickerton   10 I´m going Duhan  
Engineers: Derek Varnals/Terry Johnson   11 Heavy loaded minds Duhan  
Arranged by: Wayne Bickerton & Granny's Intentions          
Cover design: John Ryan & Pete Cummins          
Front cover photography (laminated): Laura    
Back cover photography: David Wedgbury          
Red-mono DML 1060
Blue-stereo SLM 1060
Decca studios, London
Recording dates:           
Release date: 7010