Eddie Howell - The Eddie Howell gramophone record

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      Songtitle Composer Time
Eddie Howell (acoustic guitar, vocals, kazoo, mellotron, glockenspiel)   1 Happy affair Howell  
Phil Collins (drums, percussions, snare drums, vibes, congas)   2 First day in exile Howell  
Percy Jones (fender bass)   3 Miss Amerika Howell  
Robin Lumley
(fender rhodes electric piano, wooden piano, tack piano, autoharp, mellotron, organ, bass fender piano)
  4 If I knew Howell  
John Goodsall (electric guitars)   5 Young lady Howell  
Gary Moore
(acoustic guitars on track 3)
  6 These walls Howell  
Jack Lancaster (tenor, soprano saxophones, flutes)   7 Chicago kid Howell  
Davis Minns (whispered vocals)   8 Canīt get over you Howell  
Martin Kitkat (whispered vocals)   9 Waiting in the wings Howell  
Dennis MacKay (congas)   10 Little crocodile Howell  
Gaspar Lawai (african percussions)   11 Youīll never know Howell  
Jerome Rimson (fender bass)   12 Enough for me Howell  
Charming Lemmings
(additional percussions)
  13 Donīt say you love me Howell  
Tony Sadler
(classical acoustic guitar)
Produced by: 
Robin Lumley, Dennis MacKay
Label: Warner Bros (K 56154)          
Studio: Trident Studios, Mayfair Studios          
Recording dates: 750616-750729          
Release date: 7510