Dr. Strangely Strange - Heavy petting

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Tim Booth (vocal, guitar)   1 Ballad of the wasps    
Tim Goulding (vocal, piano, organ, recorder, fiddle)   2 Summer breeze    
Dave Mattacks (drums, percussions)   3 Kilmanoyadd stomp    
Ivan Pawle (vocal, keyboards, bass, mandolin, whistle)   4 I will lift up my eyes    
Andy Irvine (mandolin)   5 Sign on my mind    
Terry Woods (vocal, guitar, mandolin, concertina)   6 Gave my love an apple    
Gay Woods (vocal, concertina, dulcimer)   7 Jove was at home    
Brush Shiels (bass)   8 When Adam delved    
Gary Moore (guitar on track 2, 5, 6, 10)   9 Ashling    
    10 Mary Malone of Moscow    
Produced by: Joe Boyd   11 Goodnight my friends    
Vertigo (6360 009)
Eamon Andrews Studios, Dublin
Recording dates:           
Release date: 7008