Chris Thompson - Out of the night

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Chris Thompson (vocals, guitar)   1 Every little move Thompson, Simmons, McIntosh 4.30
Robbie McIntosh (guitars, backing vocals)   2 Do what you wanna do Thompson, McIntosh 3.07
Malcolm Foster (bass, backing vocals)   3 Games Melimad 4.46
Mic Clews (drums)   4 Is it gonna be alright Thompson, McIntosh 7.21
Paul Wickens (keyboards)   5 The islands (Here we go) Thompson, McIntosh 4.56
Mic Clews (drums)   6 Right between the eyes Thompson, Savigar 3.44
Ron Aspery (sax on track 1,8)   7 Movin on Thompson, McIntosh 5.05
Diane, Frank, Paddy (backing vocals on track 1)   8 Ladder of love Thompson, McIntosh, McDonalds 3.54
Gary Moore (guitars on track 2)   9 Donīt touch Thompson, Willis, McIntosh 3.45
Billy Bremner (guitars on track 2)          
John McKenzie (bass on track 2)          
Don Airey (keyboards on track 2)          
Tony Beard (drums on track 2)          
Produced by: Chris Thompson, Steve Nye          
Label: Ultraphone (6.25484 AO)          
The workhouse studios, London
Polygram studios, London
C.T.S studios, Wembley
Maison rouge mobile
Air studios, London
Recording dates:          
Release date: 8304