BBM - Around the next dream

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Gary Moore (vocals, guitars)   1 Waiting in the wings Bruce, Moore  
Jack Bruce (vocals, bass guitar, cello, keyboards on track 10)   2 City of gold Bruce, Moore, Hanrahan  
Ginger Baker (drums, percussions)   3 Where in the world Bruce, Moore  
Tommy Eyre (keyboards)   4 Canīt fool the blues Bruce, Moore, Hanrahan  
Akram Ahmun (drums on track 3)   5 High cost of loving Jones, Hamlett  
Morris Murphy (bach trumpet on track 6)   6 Glory days Bruce, Moore  
    7 Why does love (have to go wrong) Bruce, Moore, Baker  
Produced by: BBM, Ian Taylor   8 Naked flame Moore  
Engineered by: Ian Taylor assisted by Howard Borgroff and Andy Barker   9 I wonder why (are you so mean to me) Lyons  
    10 Wrong side of town Moore  
Label: Virgin (CDV 2745)          
Outside studios, 
Sarm West studios
Recording dates:          
Release date: 9406