Gary Moore - Back to the blues

    Different releases    
      Songtitle Composer Time
Gary Moore (guitar, vocals)   1 Enough of the blues Moore  
Vic Martin (keyboards)   2 You upset me baby King, Bihari  
Pete Rees (bass)   3 Cold black night Moore  
Darrin Mooney (drums)   4 Stormy monday Walker  
Martin Drover (trumpet)   5 Ainīt got you Carter  
Frank Mead (tenor sax)   6 Pictures of the moon Moore  
Nick Pentelow (tenor sax)   7 Looking back Watson  
Nick Payn (baritone sax)   8 The prophet Moore  
    9 How many lies Moore  
Produced by:
Gary Moore, Chris Tsangarides
  10 Drowning in tears Moore  
Engineered by: Chris Tsangarides          
Mixed by:
Gary Moore, Chris Tsangarides
Label: Virgin (V 2684)          
Studio: Music Bankīs Waterloo Sunset Studios          
Recording dates:          
Release date: 0103