Thin Lizzy - Whisky in the jar (compilation)

Label: Karusell (822 694-1)   1 The boys are back in town Lynott  
Release date: 83   2 Jailbreak Lynott  
    3 Donīt believe a word Lynott  
    4 Sarah Lynott, Moore  
    5 Renegade Lynott, White  
    6 Thunder and lightning Downey, Lynott  
    7 Whisky in the jar Trad. arr  
    8 Dancing in the moonlight Lynott  
    9 Waiting for an alibi Lynott  
    10 Chinatown Lynott, Gorham,
White, Downey
    11 Do anything you want to Lynott  
    12 Killer on the loose Lynott