Thin Lizzy - Remembering (compilation)

Philip Lynott (vocals, bass guitar, accoustic guitar)   1 Remembering Lynott  
Brian Downey (drums, percussion)   2 The rise and dear demise of the funky nomadic tribes Lynott, Bell, Downey  
Eric Bell (lead guitar, guitar)   3 Buffalo gal Lynott  
Gary Moore (lead guitar, guitars, vocals)   4 I donīt want to forget how to jive Lynott  
    5 Sarah Lynott  
Nick Tauber (producer)   6 Brought down Lynott  
Philip Lynott (associate producer)   7 Randolphīs tango Lynott  
Frank Rodgers (executive producer)   8 Chatting today Lynott  
    9 Baby face Lynott  
Label: NOVA / DECCA (6.28377 DT)   10 Call the police Lynott  
Studio:    11 Shades of a blue orphanage Lynott  
Recording dates:     12 Broken dreams Bell, Downey, Lynott  
Release date: 7608   13 Old moon madness Lynott  
    14 Black boys on the corner Lynott  
    15 The friendly ranger at Clontarf castle Bell, Lynott  
    16 Honesty is no excuse Lynott  
    17 Diddy Levine Lynott  
    18 Ray-Gun Bell  
    19 Look what the wind blew in Lynott  
    20 Sitamoia Downey  
    21 Eire Lynott  
    22 Return of the farmers song Lynott, Downey  
    23 Clifton Grange Hotel Lynott  
    24 Saga of the ageing orphan Lynott  
    25 Dublin Lynott  
    26 Things ainīt working but down at the farm (misspelled but - out) Lynott  
    27 Remembering (Part 2) Lynott, Bell, Downey