Thin Lizzy - Profile (compilation)

Philip Lynott (vocals, bass guitar, accoustic guitar)   1 The rocker Lynott, Downey, Bell  
Brian Downey (drums, percussion)   2 Honesty is no excuse Lynott  
Eric Bell (lead guitar, 12 string guitar, vocals)   3 Baby face Lynott  
Ivor Raymonds (mellotron song 2)   4 Old moon madness Lynott  
    5 Clifton Grange Hotel Lynott  
Label: DECCA (6.24013 AL)   6 Remembering  Lynott  
Studio:    7 Whisky in the jar Trad. arr  
Recording dates:     8 Buffalo gal Lynott  
Release date: 79   9 Dublin Lynott  
    10 Ray-Gun Bell  
    11 Things ainīt working out down at the farm Lynott  
    12 Eire Lynott