Thin Lizzy - The hero and the madman (compilation)

Label: Spectrum music (544 677-1)   1 Little girl in bloom    
Release date: 020812 (only in UK)   2 Chatting today    
Thanks to Richard Bosch for the information   3 Randolphīs tango    
    4 Remembering part 2 (New day)    
    5 A song for while Iīm away    
    6 Gonna creep up on you    
    7 Baby face    
    8 Brought down    
    9 Honesty is no excuse    
    10 Clifton Grange Hotel    
    11 The hero and the madman    
    12 Things ainīt working out down at the farm    
    13 Diddy Levine    
    14 I donīt want to forget how to jive    
    15 Ray Gun    
    16 Call the police    
    17 Slow blues    
    18 The friendly ranger at Clontarf Castle