Thin Lizzy - The best of Thin Lizzy (compilation)

Label: Hins collection (HR 7364)
Made in Indonesia
Comes with booklet containing bio and lyrics
  1 Someday she is going to hit back    
Release date: 83   2 The pressure will blow    
    3 The boys are back in town    
New 051026
Thanks to Frank Healy
  4 Chinatown    
    5 Do anything you want to    
    6 Waiting for an alibi    
    7 Whisky in the jar    
    8 Dancing in the moonlight    
    9 Rosalie    
    10 Get out of here    
    11 Thunder and lightning    
    12 Hollywood (Down on your luck)    
    13 Killer on the loose    
    14 Borderline    
    15 She knows    
    16 Johnny the fox meet Jimmy the weed    
    17 Donīt believe a word    
    18 Renegade    
    19 The holy war    
    20 Angel of death